Fake ID Featured in Scene Magazine

Scene Magazine featured Fake ID in its Jan. 23, 2019, cover story on Cleveland's best cover bands. The story extensively quoted our lead singer, Norah Hyman.

Photo from Scene Magazine by Emanuel Wallace

Each new generation is also embracing classic rock—and some are even taking an open-minded perspective on the sonic opportunities afforded by cover bands. "People like seeing them because it's music that they can relate to that they've heard before," says Norah Hyman, the 12-year-old vocalist for Fake ID, a cover band that's booked gigs at the Symposium and Stella's Music Club. "Some cover bands play [music] how they hear it, but other bands can shift [music], and it can give the listeners a new perspective on the song." 

Formed in September 2017, Fake ID—whose members first met at local School of Rock classes—focuses on hard rock and classic rock. Although the band is working on original music, their existing covers repertoire is robust, encompassing acts such as AC/DC, Muse, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and, their favorite song to play, Rage Against the Machine's "Killing In The Name." And, perhaps unsurprisingly given Hyman's generous perspective, Fake ID are putting their own spin on things. 

"We tend to change in the songs to make it more difficult for us," Hyman says. "A lot of the vocal stuff, [my bandmates] let me decide what I want to do with it." Such freedom has helped improve her vocal technique, namely by showing her she doesn't have to add "grit" to her singing voice. "Now I'm able to put my own touch on the songs instead of copying them."


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